Five celebrities with unexpected hobbies

Celebrities are people who we all love to follow and get the latest gossip about. Whether it is famous people from sport, film or TV, we just cannot get enough of how they live their lives. One aspect of this which seems to draw the most attention is what celebs do for fun in their spare time.

While you might think they all spend their time enjoying lavish lunches or hitting the town, many have far more unexpected pastimes. But which five celebs have the most surprising hobbies?

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo - gambling

Now back at Manchester United, Ronaldo is known as one of the best footballers in the world. Did you know he also likes to gamble though? Ronaldo is particularly known for his love of poker and started playing as a young man in Portugal. If, like Ronaldo, you like to gamble but prefer sports betting, why not check out  today for details on the best sites for Nigerian bettors to try?

  1. Mike Tyson – pigeons 

‘Iron’ Mike Tyson is still considered one of the greatest boxers ever. Combining power, speed and technique with a ferocious will to win, he dominated the heavyweight scene in his prime. Still active as an author, actor and fighter, he loves to keep pigeons in his spare time. As a result, he attends a pigeon pageant in California each year, where he shows off his best pigeons.

  1. Taylor Swift – crafting 

As a globally famous pop star with numerous hits to her name, you would think Taylor Swift would enjoy the most glamorous of hobbies. While this might be true in some cases, most people do not know of her love for crafting. She takes the time to gift hardcore fans things like homemade snow globes every Christmas!

  1. Beyoncé - making honey

Another globally famous pop star with a unique hobby is Beyoncé Knowles. While you might think her life is all champagne and high-end luxury, she is just as happy producing her own honey. The singer apparently has two beehives from which she produces hundreds of jars per year. It seems the honey produced helps with the allergies of Beyoncé's daughters, Rumi and Blue Ivy.

  1. Brad Pitt – pottery 

There are lots of celebs with unusual hobbies, but what do you do for a hobby as one of the biggest movie stars around? In Brad Pitt’s case, it seems you take up pottery. He is apparently a dab hand at creating his own pottery inventions and also enjoys crafting his own sculptures as well. 

Even celebs have some out-there hobbies

The world of celebrity is filled with glamour, luxury and extravagance. It is therefore only natural to assume that the hobbies celebs enjoy in their free time are similarly decadent. As the above shows though, this is not always true and some of the best-known names have unique hobbies they enjoy.