Friday, May 7

I Became a Lesbian After My Husband Died – Evangelist Jacinta Nzilani

A Kenyan preacher identified as Jacinta Nzilani, has on Friday made a revelation on how she became a lesbian after her husband of 25 years died.

Nzilani said she decided to become a lesbian after being treated badly by her in-laws who wanted to take advantage of her husband’s death.

I became a lesbian after my husband died – Evangelist lailasnews 2

“I am a lesbian. I am widow and a woman who stayed with her husband for more than 25 years and then he died and I was treated badly by my in-laws and that is how I decided to live with other women as lesbians,” she said on Friday.

The evangelist added that the church community was not supportive during her trying moment as they pressured to re-marry even though she was not interested.

She said she later met up with other lesbians in the city and joined their church where she says she has worshiped happily-ever-after.

She now has a church near Odeon Cinema in CBD.

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