Monday, November 29

‘I Can’t Keep Quiet About What Happened, I Haven’t Offended Anybody’ – Blackface

He says he has no problems with Faze, though the singer doesn’t know how he feels.

For long, Blackface has accused 2Baba of taking credit for a song which was actually written by him (Blackface).

This allegation has caused a rift between the former Plantashun Boiz mates, and Blackface remains resolute.

This is despite 2Baba serving a letter in May through his lawyers in which he asked Blackface to apologise publicly for accusing him of song theft and copyright infringement.

Now, according to Blackface in a recent interview, he maintains that he wrote ‘African Queen’ while also stating that he is on good terms with the other Plantashun Boiz member, Faze.

‘Faze is my friend and he is going to do his own bit. But, one thing that he does not know is that who feels it, knows it.

‘He didn’t write the song, I did. So he does not know what I am talking about.’

Blackface went on to reveal Faze has tried making peace between his old buddies to no avail.

‘It is easy for him to call for peace. But then, it is the duty of the offender to apologise for his action.

‘I can’t keep quiet about what happened because I haven’t offended anybody. I have not stolen anybody’s song.’

He also went on to blame government for allowing artistes steal other artiste’s songs.

As a result, Blackface urged the government to set punishment for song theft.

‘Had the Federal Government introduced an appropriate punishment for stealing other people’s songs, many music artistes would be in trouble today.

‘If the penalty required offenders to spend some years in jail, many so-called big artistes would be in prison by now.

‘Some of them steal songs from fellow musicians based in the country or abroad and pass them off as their own. This is very bad for culture and the creative sector.

‘It is also bad enough for the honest and hardworking Nigerian artiste who goes through a lot of trouble to survive.

‘Whatever the government decides, the courts are there to ensure that justice prevails.

‘If you find yourself on the wrong side of the law, you will have to accept the consequence of your actions.’

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