Monday, August 2

I Had My Wedding The Way I Wanted It – Noble Igwe


Noble Igwe, had his wedding over the weekend and trust his fans, they will always have something to say when they notice something not cool.

For Noble, he dares not escape such attack as a fan came calling his attention to the fact that it was his wedding but he never dressed as if it was his.

The fan noted that Noble actually did not looked like a groom and could be mistaken for a guest.

Here is how the gist went down, “Noble Igwe just looked so annoying yesterday. Talk about trying too freaking hard. With his groomsmen and their overkill outfits. Didn’t look like a groom. Could have been mistaken for a wedding guest.”

But Noble will always rescue himself from any tight corner as he explained that he had to do things the way he wanted and not to please any one. “Did it my way, Just the way “I” wanted it.”


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