Tuesday, September 28

I shouldn’t have to feel lucky to have never been raped – Amanda Black

South African singer, Amanda Black is the latest celeb to call on the government and police to intervene in the scourge of gender-based violence in the country.

The Amazulu hitmaker took to social media recently to speak about violence against women, including corrective rape against those in the LGBTIQ+ community.

The star recounted how she and her friends would lie about being together to stop people hitting on them in public, and said she now realises how dangerous the lie was.

“I remember back then my friends and I even used to lie about being together just to stop a guy from continuing to harass either of us. Not knowing then that lying about being lesbian put us in even more danger,” she explained.

She said she was grateful to have never been raped, but women should not have to count themselves lucky to have escaped abuse.

“I count myself so lucky to never have been raped. I can’t imagine the kind of damage it does to one’s soul. I shouldn’t have to count myself lucky. Not being raped and assaulted and killed should be the norm, mahn!!”

She appealed to the government and police to take action.

“We can’t be so desensitised to the brutal killings of all these women. This is not normal. It can’t be normal. Every other day it’s someone else, and these are just the ones that make it to the TL,” she said in a message to them

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