Monday, January 24

Igbariam Attack: Fulani Herdsmen Accused Of Killing COOU University Students

Suspected Fulani herdsmen slaughtered students in Anambra State University (C.O.O.U)
The number of students killed are yet to be known, its was stated as on April 25 Sunday at midnight, some lodges where attacked by suspected Fulani herdsmen at Igbariam Junction. More news to come, as investigation is the ongoing.

Here’s a video to confirm the Ongoing Slaughter by killer Fulani Herdsmen in Igbariam, Anambra State. These are Armed Fulani Herdsmen going about the area Slaughtering Innocent People. A friend in the area just sent me this video. There is serious tension right there now.

I Just Confirmed The News About The Gruesome Slaughter By Fulani Herdsmen In Igbariam, Anambra State. Little Children, Women, Men Were Killed & Beheaded (I Have Other Videos To Confirm This But I Can’t Post). There Is Serious Tension In Igbariam Right Now. More Details To Come!

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