Tuesday, October 19

I’m Planning To Have More Babies With Brown Mauzo And I Don’t Regret- Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika has had a tumultuous time with fans over the months after she announced her pregnancy on June 16 this year. After the revelation, the flamboyant socialite was at first criticized for faking the pregnancy. In fact, some even claimed that she had a surrogate.

The criticisms however, faded progressively as the socialite kept on flaunting her baby bump and her baby kicking.

Vera has been expressing her joy of becoming a first time mum with Brown Mauzo; whom she claims she will have more babies with.

She has had to defend their relationship on numerous occasions; especially this time that they’re siring a daughter together.

A good number of fans believe that Brown Mauzo is not the ideal man for Vera Sidika. But the socialite doesn’t hesitate to give her comeback in defense of her hubby.

This time, Vera bashed a fan who claimed that she is regretting getting pregnant for Brown Mauzo.

Vera hit back by writing;

”My dear there’s zero regrets here! In fact planning baby no. 2 next year, & 3 & 4 for the same man! That’s how happy & proud I am of being with my man! Regret? U wish. I don’t do mistkes darling. We planned the whole pregnancy before it happened.”

Vera Sidika continued to show her frenzy of rage to the fan as she continued;

”… Someone sent me this & it got me asking myself so many questions. Are some Kenyans that illiterate or just jealous & bitter. Because I don’t understand why someone would even be this bitter to sit and write a whole paragraph of bullsh*t…”

As their baby shower approaches, there’s no doubt both Vera and her hubby Mauzo are excited about their unborn daughter.

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