Wednesday, January 19

International Runs Girl: Kim Oprah Accused Of Having An Affair With Davido

A report obtained from Instagram blogger, Cutie Julls claims that Kim Oprah spent nights with Davido during the time she was fronting a relationship with co-star, Tobi Bakre.

Popular Reality TV star,  Kim Oprah has been accused of having an affair with singer, Davido.

Recall Kim and Tobi were an item towards the closing of 2019 -They went on beacation together and gave their fans pointers to a cute relationship but it fell through on the grounds of cheating.

According to recent reports It turns out that the vacation was a smokescreen for the trysts and nights out between the Kim Oprah and Davido in the United States

Read the recent reports below:

Asa Nwa, Omalicha Nwa, my tomato juice. Nne, around the time we all were innocently drooling over you and Tobi’s pics and video not knowing na divert tactics na. Babym, what were you doing with Davido on those nights you were alone with him in his hotel room. This was in far away USA o.

Nne, meet me in the diary room. My WiFi is off so we will use Chioma’s former WiFi

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