Sunday, April 18

Jackie Maribe finally Confirms Eric Omondi is her baby daddy

Comedian Eric Omondi and former Citizen TV news anchor Jackie Maribe have hit the trending lists after revealing they have a son together.

Word on the street has pointed out for a long time that Omondi was the father of the kid but the two have always dodged it.

The two however shared a photo with the kid and confirmed that they have the son together.

Maribe shared in a post on Instagram that read, “Family first. Happy graduation day Zahari. We, mum and dad @ericomondi are proud of you!”

While Omondi also posted the photo but didn’t say anything.

Here’s how guys reacted after the post:

Watu wanasema umenyonji mi nashangaa na watu aki.

Mukunywe mutingikeee

Harry Son Eish….hii story ya itumbi na maribe ni ndefu kushinda standard gauge ya msa to naivasha. Kuna stop over Kwa jowie , mara Kwa ericco!
As it is now, you’ll end up fetching water or serving guests on her wedding day.

Collins Ongeri Maubi Why are you Dennis in all these?Kama nani?Mtoto si wako,bibi si yako.Kimbelembele gani hii?If I find you posting about my kids I Will scpetic you

Njeru Nanja I take this to mean that you Dennis Itumbi, today 17/10/2019, have endorsed the marriage between Erick Omondi and Jacky Maribe and subsequently confirmed that indeed one Zahari is a child born of that union. I’m I right?

Kipkeleny Tulwo I hope you’re feeling well sir. I know what you might be feeling now, trust me, I have been there… The heartache is real. Just move on & up. Good luck & God speed.

Noah Andati Deep inside, bitterness and jealousy is killing you. You wishing thunder strikes them but here you are acting cool. Ogah, do you really have the rod of uncle Moses? If yes, does it work? I mean, does it open a way in the Red Sea?

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