Tuesday, April 20

John Cena Challenges Justin Bieber To Real Life Fight After Meme Goes Viral

WWE champion, John Cena has challenged Canadian singer, Justin Bieber to a real life fight after their fighting meme goes viral.

Remember the “Yummy” singer had fallen of a unicycle last week which fans turned into different meme.

One of which was Justin Bieber smacking the WWE legend, John Cena.

John had reacted to the meme on his Instagram page, but during the Jan. 15 episode of The Talk, he challenged JB.

“OK, the interview is going to take a little bit of a turn. Justin Bieber, if that is even your real name…” John began, dramatically turning to the camera. “I know you’re going to see me in Dolittle, but if you see me on the streets, we’ll do far from little.”

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