Thursday, January 27

Kamene Goro Advices Women Not To Tolerate Disrespect From Men, Says ‘Stop Paying The Price’

It’s clear that Kamene Goro’s perennial advices to women are aimed at empowering them day after day. After the incident of Eunice that got many people talking about gender-based violence, it’s clear that women are tired of being on the receiving end.

Times have changed and women are having equal opportunities with men, even at workplaces. Kamene Goro claims that this should also be extended when it comes to tolerating each other. She adds that women are more sympathetic and tend to take disrespect lightly; which should now not be the case. Goro says it’s time for women to set standards and never allow disrespect from men.

Speaking at Kiss FM, Kamene said,

“Babe, stop paying the price. Now, it’s within our nature as women to be very tolerant, very understanding more often than not. Mtu hataki kukuongelesha… ah, labda akona pressure zake. One reason or the other, we are able to make excuses for people treating us badly.

We are always the ones who have to pay the price and feel bad… No more… Babe, stop it. I want to be handled like this… You will talk to me like this and I expect to be treated this way. And this is going to be my standard, whether you’re having a bad day or not… Kila mtu apambane na hali yake. We all have our issues…”

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