Monday, January 24

Kamene Goro opens up about her first heartbreak

Media personality Kamene Goro has seen it all when it comes to love. Just a few years ago the lady was dumped by a South African man she had been seeing for years. The fella apparently changed his mind about settling down with Kamene Goro just a few weeks to their grand wedding.

Of course, this did some damage to Miss Kamene Goro who now keeps her relationships on the low. The only boyfriend we saw her introduce to her fans is the South African man who dumped her; but before this turns out that Miss Goro had actually gone through a much worse situation.

Speaking about this through the morning show, Kamene Goro went on to reveal that back in the day she got one of her boyfriend’s name tatted on her back. The lass went on to open up saying;

‘There is one of my sister’s name and my third tattoo was my first boyfriend’s name. I chapad it on my back straight down to my spine. I had to tattoo something on top to cover it.’

Well, one would have expected the guy to be overjoyed by the fact that a beautiful woman like Kamene Goro had decided to get a tattoo of his name, right? However turns out that the love was still young; and the only person who was serious in the relationship is Kamene and not the guy.

This is because barely 2 weeks after getting the new tattoo, the young man apparently decided to walk out on the lass. She went on to add;

‘It’s so weird, I got the tattoo and two weeks later, we broke up. love is stupid… even before I covered it up, the guys I dated used to kasirika. I believe and I’m convinced that love is stupid. You never think beyond your nose.’

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