Tuesday, October 26

Katy Perry ‘Upset’ At Taylor Swift Again For Going Public With Apology Letter

They have only just buried the hatchet after feuding in public for six years. Yet Katy Perry seems to have already found a reason to be mad at Taylor Swift, after the Shake It Off hitmaker, 28, made Katy’s private apology letter very public.

Katy, 33, is believed to feel ‘upset’ because the introduction to the letter which was published on Instagram on Tuesday – suggests Katy accepts ‘full responsibility’.

‘Katy expected that Taylor would post something about it,’ a friend told The Sun Online. ‘But she didn’t expect the actual letter to go on social,’ says her friend.

‘The thing is, you can only see part of what Katy wrote and it looks like she’s taking sole responsibility for the entire feud.

‘Without context, it looks like she’s taking the blame for everything and obviously there’s a lot more to it than that,’ her friend said.

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