Kenza Dali: Why Ramadan is not just about fasting

Kenza Dali: Why Ramadan is not just about fasting

Everton Women midfielder Kenza Dali has spoken about her experiences growing up during Ramadan and explains that fasting is only a small part of the holy month. 

Dali joined Everton Women in 2021 from West Ham and the 30-year-old is one of many Muslims in elite football who are playing and fasting during Ramadan. She spoke about her personal experiences of the ninth month of the Islamic calendar.

It's not only like fasting, it's not about food, it's not about drink. It's so much more than that," she told Sky Sports News.

"Basically, you're not drinking, you're not eating. But it's just like two per cent of Ramadan. The other per cent is all about connecting with yourself, with your faith, with others, with your community".

Ramadan is coming to an end and is expected to last until Sunday May 1. During this period Muslims are expected to fast between Sunrise to Sunset for roughly a month. The holy month involves regular daily prayers, acts of charity and self-reflection.

When asked what Ramadan was like growing up in France, Dali said: "I used to always try to do my Ramadan with my grandma. She's living really close to my parents, but I basically spend a lot of time with her because she can teach me a lot of things. She can't read so I was the one to read the Quran for her".

"This was my Ramadan being around my family and going to the mosque with my family. Breaking my fast with my family".