Saturday, May 15

Lady Gives Birth At Joshua Iginla’s Church In Abuja, Receives N200k From Pastor

Last Sunday’s dramatic Mantle Service didn’t end without the overflow of miracles and wonders that make up every prophetic move at Champions Royal Assembly.

Mrs. Favour Felix had been in labour at her residence and was having contraction before she was rushed down to the Champions Royal Assembly International Headquarters in Abuja, last Sunday. On arrival,she was immediately led to the Church’s Clinic where she would be attended to. After moments of labour,she gave birth to her baby boy. Words of her miraculous delivery reached Bro. Joshua Iginla, who visited her ward, prayed and anointed the mother and baby.

Back on the podium inside the auditorium, God’s servant testified of Mrs Felix’s safe delivery.He then invited Mrs. Felix to the podium, prayed and anointed her alongside her baby once more.Bro. Joshua Iginla declared the baby’s name as Samuel and ordered the sum of TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND NAIRA be brought to the mother which was handed over to her by the man of God.All Glory be to God for her safe and painless delivery.

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