Monday, January 17

Lana Del Rey gets temporary restraining order against alleged stalker

Singer Lana Del Rey has gotten a temporary restraining order against an alleged stalker who tried gaining access to her apartment on three different occassions in the last few weeks.

TMZ reported that the singer filed for and was granted a temporary restraining order this past week in L.A. County, after she claimed a woman by the name of Janeen Lee Stratton, who apparently also goes by the nickname “America” has been harassing her in very scary fashion.

Lana and her legal team alleged that the lady has been blowing up professional associates, including managers, with demands to meet her in person because she believes she’s Lana’s muse. She also thinks the singer communicates with her via song and/or dreams.

Lana Del Rey gets temporary restraining order against alleged stalker

After Lana’s management responded via text message and told Stratton to get lost as Lana doesn’t know her and doesn’t want them to meet, the woman allegedly replied, “I want to make a scene. Because guess what?! I don’t go away easy.”

Court documents revealed Stratton did not go away, but also allegedly landed on Lana’s front doorstep here in L.A. last month, somehow tracking down her private residence and jumping the fence to get in, where she was eventually met by Lana’s security.

Lana Del Rey gets temporary restraining order against alleged stalker

The singer’s attorneys said Lana and her attorneys found Stratton who reportedly admitted to having a couple of pocket knives on her, and also told them that she had driven hundreds of miles for a chance to meet the star.

After being kicked out of the property, she came back twice. Lana stated that she fears for her safety and needs a court-ordered forcefield to keep this person at arm’s length.

Stratton has now been asked to keep off from Lana both in person and in all forms of communication. A hearing for a permanent restraining order is scheduled for later this month

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