Thursday, October 28

LAUTECH Student’s Leaked Sex Video: Story Behind The Sex Tape, The Girl Reacts


This is the story behind the LAUTECH sex tape leak according to @Updateboyx

The Lautech gist

Last 2years Some guys asked her to shoot a porn video with 3 of them
That they’ll pay her $5,000 monthly

So after the porn
She wasn’t paid
They threatened her with the video so she stopped asking for the money.

Now, that girl is in a serious relationship and those guys told her to come have sex with the three of them again
So she said no
So they threatened her and said they’ll release her porn video
So I think she didn’t concur to them
So they leaked the videoMan walking

The blackmailers who leaked the video should be arrested.

Meanwhile, a girl they claim is the girl in the video has allegedly reacted to her sex video:

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