Friday, April 23

Leaked chats between Zari Hassan and rumored King Bae on her 40th birthday raises speculations


Zari Hassan has found true love in Ghanaian actor Fred Nuamah following leaked screenshots of their love confessions for each other.
The two raised eyebrows online after publicly exchanging romantic words starting with a long love letter from Fred to a dear Zari who then acknowledged his heartfelt feelings for her and sweetly responded back.
Sharing a series of photos of the Ugandan socialite as seen by Ghafla, the film star started by gushing over Zari’s exceptional beauty, confessing just how she showed him the best version of true love; a lady who has always been his dream girl.
For Fred, he had already visualized her vision, having spent numerous days thinking of how best he would make her birthday special because her happiness is his happiness.
He recalled how they met through a phone call courtesy of a friend, Eddie and that is when he found a reason to continue living. “Ur life began on this day. My life began the day we spoke. I’m so glad both days happened. Kipenzi cha roho!” he sweetly penned.
“Mamayao …let me use this letter to validate all my love for u,” he continued. Disbelieving that it was possible to love someone so deeply yet fully, but she proved him wrong and today, they celebrate the special bond of love they share.
“Most importantly, I love the way u complete me. You are my the soul mate I tot I’d never find. U cheer me up when I’m down and help me find balance when my world is out of control. U make me want to do the same for u,” the letter continues.
Romantic chats that have since raised speculations of an untold love that finally spread its wings and got the courage to fly as fans conclude that Zari’s King bae has finally been unmasked.





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