Tuesday, September 21

Let Me Not See Your Leg In My House: Niniola Warns Teni As She Plans Coming To Her House For Food

Popular Nigerian Music Star, Teni Makanaki has been jokingly warned by her popular elder sister, Niniola, not to step foot in her house. Teni had tweeted her intentions to visit her sister’s house for food because her food is already finishing. Her elder sister Niniola replied the tweet telling Teni not to even think about coming over.

The two sisters seems to be having some fun during this stressful period. Teni is well known for entertaining her fans at all times. This latest tweet from Teni about running law on food is certainly a joke. It is a way of continuing her habit of entertaining her fans on tweeter. Teni have previously visited her sister, Niniola and she refused to open the gate for her. The celebrity siblings always seems to find a way to draw Nigerians minds away from the current situation in the country.

Many Nigerians had reacted to the tweets from the celebrity Sisters with different types of funny tweets. Blood they say is thicker than water, if Teni was truly hungry, she will certainly not post it on tweeter and her sister will be the first person to feed her without any of us knowing. There lastest rounds of tweets is a way of entertaining us during this lockdown period.

If Teni was truly hungry, do you think that her sister won’t be willing to help out? Let us know what your thoughts are on the question above. Send your comments through the comment section. Let us take look at the tweets and the funny feedbacks they got from the fans.


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