Monday, June 14

Liverpool’s Andy Robertson Names The Premier League Star Who ‘Ripped Him Apart’ This Season

Liverpool star Andy Robertson admits Wolves beast Adama Traore “ripped me apart” at Molineux this season.

The Scot, who’s considered the best left-back in the Premier League, was torn to shreds by Traore during Liverpool’s 2-1 victory.

And when discussing his one-on-one duel with the speedy Spaniard, Robertson told That Peter Crouch Podcast: “Traore to be fair ripped me apart this season.

“He’s ridiculous. Without a doubt (he’s the fastest). I think he could give most Premier League defenders a 15-yard start and he’d still win the race. Big Virg and him had a great race but Virg has got big long legs.”

Crouch then weighed in by saying: “How fast is he? He’s ridiculous. He does it in bursts. I watch him just walking around for a little bit and I think he’s not having much of an impact on the game here, they’ve got to get him off.

“Then he’ll just burn it to the line and I think ‘how can you cope with that? There’s no defending against it.”

Robertson also recalled his encounter with then-Chelsea superstar Eden Hazard while at Hull City.

He added: “When I was at Hull I played against Hazard. He’d just won player of the year and he ripped me apart at Stamford Bridge.

“It was a game I never thought I’d recover from.”

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