Saturday, July 31

Look At The Man That Invented The Popular Ak-47 Rifle And What “47” Means

“Ak 47 is a weapon of defence and not for offence”- Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov

Kalashnikov was a Russian lieutenant General, inventor, military engineer, writer and a small area designer. He is most famous for developing the Ak-47 assault rifle and it’s improvement, the AKM and AK 74 as well as the PK machine and RPK light Machine.

He was a self taught thinker who combine mechanical skills with the study of weaponry to design arms that achieved battlefield ubiquity. The Ak-47 officially known as Avtomat Kalashnikov was developed in Russia. “47” refers to the year it was finished. Design works on the Ak-47 began in 1945. In 1946, the Ak-47 was presented for official military trials.

In 1948, the fixed stock version of Ak-47 was introduced into active service and was the widely used rifle in the world because of its reliability under harsh condition, low production costs compared to contemporary western weapon, availability in virtually every geographical region, and ease of use.

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