Wednesday, October 20

Man Rubbishes BBC’s ‘Sex For Grade’ Hero, Kiki Mordi

BBC’s Sexforgrade hero, Kiki Mordi has been dragged mercilessly and labelled unprintable names on twitter by an angry twitter user.

She shared a message she got from a man believed to be an OAP who told her she’s a bitter thing and needs good sex. He then went on to tell her, she doesn’t need toys but real manhood.

Read his tweets below…

“From someone that just told me to shut up?that brands every man a rapist and sex abuser?that’s not regressive?that’s not damaging to established marriage values and belief systems?the card u pulled is that of a happily married CEO who is a woman.u don’t preach that do u?”

“I blieve many people hv told u dat recently?more than u can bear.ur man hating vitriol leaden rhetoric is worn out.we hailed u as a hero after your BBC exploits but ur actions since then have shown that it was always all about u.u need good sex Kiki,with a penis please,no toys”

See screenshot below..

See Kiki’s replies below…


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