Tuesday, September 21

Mark Zuckerberg Reveals Facebook Is Considering Permanent ‘Work From Home’

Half of Facebook’s workforce could shift to permanent home working by the end of the decade, founder Mark Zuckerberg has revealed, according to the Press Association.

The social network’s chief set out his vision to employees on Thursday, prompted by the coronavirus crisis which has forced companies across the globe to embrace remote working in recent months.

Zuckerberg said it is “quite possible” that over the next five to 10 years about 50% of staff at the company could be working from home, though he warned that those interested could see salaries cut if they decide to be located away from big cities where living expenses tend to be higher.

The tech giant also plans to “aggressively open up” remote hiring, though the process will be staggered, starting with experienced engineers living in the US and Canada.

“This is fundamentally about changing our culture, in the way that we all are going to work long-term, so I think I’m optimistic about this direction, but I want to make sure that we move forward in a measured way,” Zuckerberg said.

“At the same time, I also want to emphasise that I just think Covid is going to be with us for a while to come.”

The 36-year-old hopes that the move will help retain workers that want to live in areas further away from offices, while attracting new talent from further afield.

More than 95% of Facebook’s staff are currently working from home due to Covid-19.

The success of permanent remote working would “rely on the honour code”, Zuckerberg said, adding it was vital for tax and accounting purposes for people to declare their locations.

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