Thursday, October 28

Martha Ankomah And Alleged Lesbian Government Official Exposed By Abena Korkor Were Once Dating- Insider Reveals

Ghanaian actress Martha Ankomah has found herself in hot waters after it has been alleged that she was once the lesbian partner of the Government official exposed by Abena Korkor for being a lesbian.

Recall Abena Korkor recently went on a rant on social media and fingered the Deputy Executive Director of Ghana National Service Scheme, Afia Oware as one of the lesbians in government and asked what parliament intends to do about her since parliament has resolved to impose punitive measures on members of the LGBT community.

“On the Anti- LGBT bill, what will parliament do about lesbians, gays and queer people in your camp. Like Afia Oware @afiaoware I don’t know whether current but she used to the National Ser. deputy something. She is lesbian.”, she wrote.

According to close sources at the camp of the Martha Ankomah, Afia Oware used to be her partner in their “supi-supi” affairs. The source disclosed the information to investigative blogger, Aba_the_great.

She wrote: Martha Ankomah and Afia Oware were once dating, insider reveals….. Just so u know, this is not just a mere dm …. authentic gist …. u see the part I cleaned nu, ginger ankasa

Some netizens were shocked at the news as they couldn’t believe what they heard about Martha Ankomah. Below are some comments.

airquah__adepa: Martha has gone wayward during her early years in de movie industry…her kind of movie roles, dressing n all dat…it MAYBE true or not🤷‍♀️ we thank God she isn’t wat she used to be…we jux hv to be careful how we live life!!!👩‍🦯👩‍🦯

seasonalgardenliving: Ah ,so you people just see a message and go ahead to draw your conclusions on other women?

brownjessydiamond: Eii this holy holy people and secrets boi

efya.tiwaa.583: But did Martha say she is holy ☹️

palmers_trend: I get it ooo, it person saying she is a lesbian or what? Please help me understand

lyciaswig: What at all do they get from this

jacqueline.jo914: Not true

cisselbrown: Everyone got a past 😏

nanakosuabiggles: Whaaaaaaat😢

akosuatiwaaaduse: Weinkoaaa de3 menngyi ndi

dolcys_angwamoo: Eeeii boi3

gambrahsika: Will never believe this thou

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