Saturday, June 12

Masters: Super League Six Must Rebuild Trust With Rest of PL

Premier League chief executive Richard Masters admits there has been a breakdown of trust and relations between the six clubs involved in proposed Super League and the rest of the division.

Masters believes it will take time for that trust to be restored between Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester City, Chelsea and Tottenham who were involved in the attempted breakaway and the remainder of the league.

He says the Premier League will work with the Football Association to “bolster their rule book” and prevent any future threat of a breakaway, while outlining his aim to “reset” the division.

The Premier League CEO sat down with Sky Sports News’ Bryan Swanson to discuss the fallout from the failed Super League, what the proposed new TV deal could mean in the post-pandemic period and his thoughts on the ongoing fan protests at Old Trafford.

When asked if he believed trust between the clubs had been restored following recent Premier League stakeholder meetings, Masters admitted: “Relations are still strained and they will take some time for them to be restored. Hence the need for a process that concludes the matter.

“I don’t think (the threat of a breakaway) can always be there. It happened three weeks ago, the threat was laid bare and it was over within 48 hours. I think want fans and stakeholders want to know is that the regime is strong enough to withstand it.

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