Thursday, January 27

Maureen Waititu dares critics in bold post-breakup post

Kenya TV host and YouTuber Maureen Waititu has told off critics prodding her to purge and move on quickly following her infamous split from baby daddy, Frankie Just Gym It.

Chin up and unapologetic over how she chooses to engage, introspect or offer insights into her life post-separation, Waititu noted that while her story has made her vulnerable, it has strengthened her resolve.

Waititu noted that she is walking a journey of truth – ‘encouraging, inspiring, educating and carrying with her thousands of women and men who draw lessons from her life’.

“In a social media world that people only choose to show the good parts of their lives, I made a very deliberate decision to walk through a journey of truth. I have been having an incredible time getting in touch with parts of me that I thought were long gone hence my fun and light content.

“In addition and most importantly, I have been vulnerable through my story and in return, this has made me stronger than ever thus letting me encourage, inspire, educate and carry with me thousands of women and men who draw lessons from my journey,” wrote Waititu.

Turning her guns on her critics, she watered down their negativity and challenged them ‘unfollow or block’ her page.

She pointed out that she is at a better place, appreciative of the ‘baby steps’ she is taking and reiterated that she has no intention of being dictated on how to live her life.

“Now, I rarely address a bunch of you who aren’t too happy with this but I will today. Lately, I have seen an increase in negative comments suggesting that I need to move on and stop expressing what’s on my mind.

“Do I’ll say two things; 1. If anyone has a problem and can’t seem to relate with how I have chosen to carry forth, you’re on the wrong page. Just unfollow or block my page.

“2. I am very happy with every baby step I am making and I understand that not everyone will welcome my work, therefore again if you have a problem with this, remember that whatever you’re feeling has nothing to do with me, it’s all you. So excuse me as I tell you to look within yourself and fight your own demons. Namaste,” she added.

In March 2020, Waititu broke her months of silence on the split and in an interview with Parents Magazine, revealed the relationship ended, long before the public got wind of it.

“It is to be expected because we put our lives out there and our online ‘in-laws’ who were also invested in the relationship were and are still curious to know what happened. I’m still dealing with it. It takes time to come to terms with a breakup because of the physical and emotional toll… it feels almost like grief because I feel like I’ve lost someone who ideally I wanted to grow old with. It took me to a really dark place and it’s definitely not the way I envisioned things,” she said.

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