Thursday, September 23

Men Don’t Respect Women Who Can’t Hold Their Own – Kamene Goro

Media personality Kamene Goro is focused solely on empowering women, and she does this regularly. Even though the damsel is yet to find a partner, her endless advice remains relevant to both single and married women.

On this occasion, Kamene is advising women not to rely on other people, especially men for everything. Nowadays, it has become a trend for some women to borrow cash from men for things like manicures, pedicures, among other small things, which should not be the case, from Kamene’s perspective.

Speaking on Kiss FM, Kamene stressed the issue of women gaining respect from men through financial independence.

‘When you reduce yourself to requiring help for everything, then that becomes your price… Men don’t respect women who can not hold their own.

…But in his head he’s just like, then this one can not do anything for herself. And he’ll never respect you. Because your hair, your nails, your gas, your rent your fuel, your girls night out… That is what all of your entire amazing beings will be reduced to… Don’t diminish yourself by being a charity case. Maintain that ka value.

When you put a woman who can hold her own and do for herself, you’ll be so shocked the level of respect men have for those.’

This is some good advice from Kamene. The respect that women gain from men through financial independence is on another level. Let’s hope the women are listening.

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