Friday, April 23

‘Men will continue to produce sperm until old age’

A Gynaecologist, Dr Kenneth Adedugba, of Life Care Hospital, Egbe, Lagos,  on Sunday said men do not experience menopause like women, but would produce sperm until old age.

Adedugba told newsmen in Lagos that Andropause, which many people refer to as male menopause, was only a hormonal decline which comes with old age

He said there was absolutely nothing called male menopause as the male reproductive system worked throughout a masn’s life time.

“Men will continue to produce sperm until they die. The term male menopause does not exist at all. The male reproductive system does not cease to work completely in a man’s life time.

“That is why you see 80 to 90 years old men still having children,’’ he said.

Another gynaecologist, Dr Temitayo Olalere, also with Life Care Hospital, said that Andopause and menopause are not the same, adding that menopause is peculiar to women only.

“A woman in her 40s or early 50s undergoes bodily changes associated with reduction of the female sex hormones, which mean the end of her periods known as menopause,’’ he said.

Olalere further noted that andropause is the time in a man’s life when the hormoness naturally start to decline, usually during his early 50s, adding that this decline continues into his 80s and 90s

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