Tuesday, April 20

Mercy Eke Dragged On Twitter: Titans Set For War As Ultimate Love Cloud Their Queen’s Reign

As we all know, fights between women isn’t something that finishes up in months or years or even centuries, as women generally find it hard to co-exist with fellow women who they see as a threat.

We know of the silent beef between Cynthia known as CeeCee of the “double wahala” show and Alex Asogwa, a fellow and one of the top 5 housemates. We know of women in higher places in fashion industries and lots more who find it hard to coexist with their fellow women in the same line.

Then we know of the biggest rivalry from the BBNaija season three show, the “Pepper Dem” gang. The queens with their pawns (fans). The mercenaries and the titans. Fans of Tasha and Mercy Eke.

These fans roast themselves on the street of Twitter cause of a rival music video which featured Mercy Eke as a video vixen. The rival, Tasha took to retweet a tweet saying Mercy is trying to be like her throwback and the fans ot Mercy says she’s jealous of the housewarming party she had during the week, in fact a day before the premiere of the music video “Take It”

While it’s still sad that women still don’t want other women to win, it’s more funny when losers claim winners aren’t really winning when they are actually winning.
While some believe the Titan queen is just jealous and probably trying to trend, some are saying she’s afraid her fans might desert her as the new reality show “Ultimate Love” is going

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