Sunday, October 17

Michelle Yola introduces handsome French man she moved on with after dumping veteran rapper, Prezzo

It has been almost 3 years since Michelle Yola walked out on Prezzo. From what we understand is that the two outgrew each other after Michelle Yola cut off the alleged drugs she had been introduced to by her ex, Prezzo.

For a minute their breakup seemed more of a stunt than an actual separation since they were quite known for their on and off relationship.

Yola however seems to have discovered herself and the potential she held in her hands; hence the drastic change that has seen her live as a wife and mother of 2 almost 3 years later.

Of course, there are no regrets for this move she made and since time waits for no man; the former socialite has been accomplishing her dreams I.e her beautiful girls and husband – and the few businesses she owns in Nairobi.

After 3 years of keeping him on the low, Michelle Yola has finally unveiled her husband’s handsome face!

From the photo shared by the lady, we have every reason to believe that she may have settled down with an older man; who clearly understands and treats her better than Prezzo did in the past!

The couple so far has 2 daughters and might just be planning to add another one soon; since Yola is still quite young and energetic to handle motherhood.

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