Thursday, May 13

Mimiko Saves Dying Child From Accident Scene

To a mother whose infant was dying at the scene of a motor accident, the angel she must have prayed that God would send to her help her turned out to be Dr. Olusegun Mimiko, the immediate past governor of Ondo State.

An eyewitness, David Aboi who spoke with The Trent’s correspondent in Abuja says that a multi-vehicle accident involving two commercial buses and a Dangote truck occurred along Abuja-Abaji-Lokoja Road near Abuja on Monday evening.

“Many people were seriously injured in the accident which involved a private car, a Cross Country bus, a Peace Mass Transit bus, and a Dangote truck loaded with cement. The Peace bus was trying to slow down at a bridge when the Dangote truck, perhaps due to brake failure, ran straight into the three vehicles,” Aboi recounts.

“The Dangote truck fell into a ditch and many people were injured. One man had his right foot almost decapitated. He was bleeding profusely. It was a terrible sight.”

“The wounded passengers were being dragged out of the vehicles when Mimiko arrived the scene. The former governor was going to Abuja, I believe. It was the first time I have seen a governor in person up-close.”

A crowd had gathered at the scene of the accident at Gegu village before Chikara when former Governor Mimiko arrived. He stopped his car and went through the crowd where he saw an injured mother and her infant child. The child was in a critical state.
According to another eyewitness, (who took the photos showed in this report and pleaded anonymity), Mimiko immediately took the woman and her baby away from the scene of the accident and performed first aid on the child.

“He [Mimiko] told her he was a doctor and he was there to help them,” he said. “It was a very compassionate scene. I had to take a picture, though it was difficult to capture the governor with my phone.”

Mimiko gave the mother of the child some money and told his security detail to take her to the nearest hospital. The child and her mother were taken to Abaji General Hospital, in his Toyota Bus, we confirmed.

After the mother and child left, the governor, who is also a former minister of housing, went back to the other accident victims and performed first aid on a number of them.

“The governor tied the leg of the man whose right foot was broken and almost cut-off,” the source said. “I overheard him lamenting that had this happened in Ondo State, the emergency medical services would have been at the scene in just 12 minutes.”

When contacted, a spokesperson to Dr. Mimiko, who confirmed the incident but said that the former governor does not want to talk about it. “He doesn’t believe in self-glorification,” our reporter was told.

Dr. Mimiko is a medical doctor whose tenure as Ondo governor witnessed a revolution in the public healthcare system especially in the care for mothers and children. His award winning medical programmes, Abiye and Agbebiye, reduced maternal mortality in the state by 75% in 7 years.

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