Mindful Living: Here's Why Celebrities Are Loving Breathwork

Mindful Living: Here's Why Celebrities Are Loving Breathwork
Mindful Living: Here's Why Celebrities Are Loving Breathwork

Some celebrities are known to have unconventional hobbies such as pottery or gambling to relieve stress. However, others like Beyonce, Jennifer Aniston, and Megan Fox prefer to engage in mindful practices such as yoga and meditation, which are proven to be beneficial for overall health and wellness. Now, another mindful activity is gaining popularity in Hollywood as it has reportedly helped a lot of actors and singers to stay calm, focused, and centered. 
Breathwork, which is essentially all about changing your breathing patterns, has been raved about by singers such as Billie Eilish, who taught her fans some deep breathing techniques at her Glastonbury show back in June. While most people may have doubts about the efficacy of deep breathing for wellness, some stars have come forward to talk about how their lives changed due to this healthy practice, and why everyone should try breathwork to enhance their way of life.
It Can Help with Anxiety
Stars such as Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, and Lady Gaga have talked openly about dealing with anxiety, and it's commonly experienced by those who are living in the spotlight and are under constant scrutiny. Lady Gaga credits meditation for helping her cope with anxiety, while Gomez famously went on a social media break to deal with her negative thoughts. Meanwhile, Tracee Ellis Ross swears by breathing exercises since certain techniques can help to calm an anxious mind. On her Instagram account, the actress led her followers on a mindfulness and breathing tutorial, saying that self-care is so important, especially during times of uncertainty. 
According to experts, doing slower and deeper breathing can send signals to the brain to calm down, which can help to avert anxiety or panic attacks. Anyone who wants to try breathwork can follow along to an online tutorial, but those who want to enhance their skillset can enroll in breathwork training sessions to learn the science behind breathwork, as well as a whole range of breathing techniques to address various health problems. One can even get certified to be a breathwork instructor, and it can be a good career option for those who are looking to work in a wellness field that caters to celebrities and athletes. 
It Relieves Stress
Gisele Bundchen has always used relaxation methods such as yoga and meditation to fight stress, but nowadays, her favorite way to relax is to do alternating breathing. The Brazilian supermodel's 16 million Instagram followers were given a preview of how she does this technique, which involves alternately pressing on the left and right nostril, and she says that doing so helps to clear her mind.
Alternate nostril breathing works by allowing you to focus on your breath and not on the source of your stress, which makes it a good way to quiet the mind. A 2018 study proves that alternate nostril breathing for 30 minutes a day can reduce stress levels after 3 months of consecutive practice. Having lower stress levels can result in a reduced risk of certain health conditions, such as cardiovascular disease and even certain types of cancer.  
Apart from relieving stress and anxiety, breathwork has been also found to strengthen the immune system, and having a strong immunity is a must for busy celebrities who are always on the go. It may even help to clear out harmful toxins from the body, which can lead to weight loss, clearer skin, and better skin. It's clear that breathwork is more than just a fad as it has helped celebrities deal with some of the drawbacks of stardom, so we can expect more actors, models, singers, and influencers to take up this mindful practice for their health and wellbeing.