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Moonchild Proposes To Girlfriend Gontse More

Boo Beams, as musician Moonchild Sanelly affectionately calls her fans, will be happy to know that the artist is going to tie the knot soon.

The Gqom’ hitmaker and reality TV star is set to show her proposal to girlfriend, Gontse More, on her reality show Moonchild Sanelly Woza tonight on MTV at 9.30pm.

With the first season of her show coming to an end, her fans got a front-row seat into her life and got to experience the business side of her music as well as her fashion interests. She also gave them a glimpse into her relationship with her girlfriend.

“We met at the Durban July in KZN and hung out. I got her to sit on my lap and we started chatting. decided we were in a relationship the moment she sat on my lap,” Daily Sun quoted her as saying.

Although Moonchild hasn’t been planning the engagement for long, she said that they have always talked about marriage.

“The way we’ve spoken about marriage is pretty cool. I’m not scared because I know it’s not necessarily attached to permanence by force. It’s about how you manoeuvre. So I’m excited.

“The timing of the show was perfect because we’ve both been planning on proposing. It was a matter of who’d do it first.”

The couple plans on having a very eccentric wedding and one that will not be in the country. One of the most unconventional aspects of their wedding is the theme – they want to have a stripper-themed wedding.

“We want it to be in another country. We might just go and get married elsewhere. Gontse’s mum, who’s really cool, already knows we’re getting married. My dad is my friend, so he’ll be at the wedding, too,” the musician explained.

On the season finale of the show, Moonchild’s engagement negotiations take place and she is adapting her culture while also making her own rules.

Having MaSheila, Gontse’s mother, as a support structure makes everything much easier for the couple. She checks in with MaSheila about what aspects of tradition are important to her.

In one scene, Moonchild jokes to MaSheila and says, “I don’t want lobola to go to my father because he’ll misuse it on golf. I’ll give it to you because you contributed, this is actually all my money because I raised it myself.”

One thing the Makhe hitmaker says she love about her relationship is that there are no expectations about who’s supposed to be the provider. She likens her to “having a best friend who always has your back.”


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