Nemanja Matic excited joining Roma - and Mourinho: But it can be hard!

Nemanja Matic excited joining Roma - and Mourinho: But it can be hard!

Nemanja Matic is excited joining AS Roma.

The veteran midfielder joins Roma in a free transfer from Manchester United.

“First impressions are great, I look forward to start training with the team," Matic told Roma TV.

“Everyone knows Roma is a big club and also coach Jose Mourinho, I already worked with him, we have a good connection and he is one of the reasons why I came here. Roma has a great base of supporters, is playing in a very attractive league, so for me the decision was not so hard.

“It's not only easy to work with him, it can be hard! But he's a winner and he's exactly what I want from my coach and exactly what I like to do in my career is to win. He's a winner, he transmits that energy to the players. I hope we can do big things together."

He continued: “I watched some games, there is potential that with good work we can achieve big things. Let's see next season what we can do, but I am sure we can do a lot.

“It's an attractive league for me because of big clubs, I know it's not easy to play here, but I like to challenge myself. I want to compare my quality with the players from other leagues and Serie A is a great challenge for me.

“The Olimpico is an iconic stadium. I am looking forward to the full stadium, what I heard and saw is that Roma have great supporters and I'm very excited

“Since my name was mentioned in connection with Roma, I started to receive lots of messages, comments and I'm happy with that.

“I think we can compete with every trophy, that is my target, try to win as much as we can."