Thursday, April 22

New Kano Emirates: Ganduje Has Done Right Thing – Junaid Mohammed

Second Republic Lawmaker, Dr. Junaid Mohammed, has applauded Kano Government for responding to the yearning and aspirations of the natives and splitting sprawling Kano Emirate into more.
Mohammed, who spoke with Vanguard last night, said the governor of the state, Ganduje, has done no wrong by taking the bold initiative to respond to the age-long desire of the majority of the people of Kano.

“If the governor does not create Emirates, who will do so,” the politician asked rhetorically when confronted with the question whether Ganduje was right in the first place to dismember Kano Emirate and appoint new Emirs.

“Governor Ganduje is simply responding to the age-long and popular demand of the people of the state and he should be applauded for this bold and courageous action, which has been widely accepted by the broad spectrum of our people,” Mohammed said.

The former Shehu Shagari’s aide pointed out that the laws of the state vest the powers on the governor through the state House of Assembly to regulate the existence and operations of Emirates in Kano State, adding that by splitting them into more, the governor was simply discharging his statutory duties.

Asked if the governor’s action would stand the test of the law, Mohammed affirmed that it would, adding, “Ganduje has not breached any known law by his action”.

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