Tuesday, April 20

Nigeria Dead And About To Be Buried!!!

I really don’t know what to write about this beautiful Nation. It’s so sad that a group of people from left and right took charge of our dear country and made this blessed nation a place of nothing but sorrow.
I was born almost forty years ago and i’m privileged to grow up around those that served and observed this country.
Politicians are not only the major problem of Nigeria, the citizens, followers are a big part of our disastrous situation.

Some of these politicians steal our money and to my greatest surprise, they still have people defending them.
When these bastards are remanded in prison, some fools will protest for their release.
How can we go forward with all these nonsense?

Recently, the government passed a law on kidnapping… Why cant we have a law that sentence public funds looting to death by hanging?
Because the idiot that is sitting in front of the paper is a big thief.

We are supposed to stand up and correct our mistakes.
We have to stop celebrating these people, we have to shade them when necessary.
We are our own problem and except we stand up and correct it, we’ll remain slaves of these very few people.

God bless Nigeria

Czar Oriyomi Marcus

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