Tuesday, April 20

Nigerians Drag Oyakhilome for Saying Christians Should not be Afraid to Touch People with Covid-19

Nigerians have taking to social media to berate popular cleric Pastor Chris Oyakhilome after he said Christians should not be afraid of touching people who have the covid-19 disease.

While preaching to his followers, the man of God said:

“Christians are not supposed to be scared of the virus”

“Jesus touched the lepers and healed them. The bible is there, you can not be a Christian and be scared of touching people with virus” The Edo born preacher said.

In his reaction to the video, popular OAP Daddy Freeze wrote:

“This is now fast becoming a showcase of benightedness”


“Ejo shey mo jo JESUS? Abi mo jo disciple? God no go shame us o….let’s be guided o”


“? Deep phronesis that carries Dunamis Many are nepios few are matured in Christ But they knew not neither do they understand they walk In Darkness”

Other social media users did not waste time in calling out the pastor.

*** “The Book of 1st Covid Chapter 1 vs 1, I read.. .. And the Lord said, Christopher, go and sit down, you don’t know what you are saying! ???”

*** “Honestly i expected more from you sir but as a Christian and someone who respects his elders i will watch my words ?. You can kindly go to Yaba and heal the infected ?”

*** “Pastor Chris please stop misleading people. Those that have died of the virus aren’t Pagans. They believed in Jesus too !!!!”

*** “When you have mastered the art of displaying your foolishness in a classic way.?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️”


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