Thursday, December 9

Okon Lagos Tags BBNaija Housemates Reaction During Eviction As Premium Fakeness

Comic actor Ime Bishop Umoh better known as Okon Lagos has tagged the reaction of BBNaija housemates during eviction as premium fakeness.

Okon Lagos looking at how these housemates become emotional during live eviction when they are to say goodbye to those who got evicted even if they were the ones who nominated them tagged it as premium fakeness.

According to him, these same housemates will nominate you for eviction and when you are evicted they will run to come and hug you to show love and express happiness if you are saved but pretend to be grieving if you’re evicted.

Adding that it has been like that since the beginning of the show and it’s still going on in the current season as some people pretend to be happy when someone they nominated is saved and pretend to be sad when the person is evicted.

To Okon Lagos, this is premium fakeness on the part of the housemates and even though it’s a game, he expects them to be genuine with their feelings when it gets to eviction because they nominated the said person standing eviction.

So was it, So it is and so will it always be!… Premium “fakeness” 😀😀😀 #okonlagos

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