Monday, May 10

Okpaleke Doctors: 6 Nigerian Siblings Working As Medical Practitioners Go Viral

A group of siblings who all practice medicine has inspired over 100,000 people on LinkedIn.

Dr. Chinyere Okpaleke, a family medicine hospitalist living in Houston, posted a photo of herself standing alongside four of her sisters and one brother, on April 10 in honor of National Siblings Day.

Appearing in the image from left to right are Okway Okpaleke, M.D., Chinelo Okpaleke, P.A., Nkiru Osefo, M.D., Ifeoma Okpaleke, N.P., Queenate Okpaleke, N.P. and Chinyere Okpaleke.

Another sibling, Lillian Okpaleke, M.D., is not pictured.

Andrew Okpaleke, M.D., their father, is a retired physician of internal medicine who practiced for 30 years, and their mother, Celina Okpaleke, P.A., has been practicing for over 20.

“We are Nigerian, so we have that cultural background of my parents being immigrants and basically sacrificing coming here for a better life,” Chinyere Okpaleke, whose patients call her Dr. Chi, told “Good Morning America.” “Their idea of wanting us to succeed came across in how they raised us.”

Dr. Chi said she and her siblings all share the desire to help people, and that many have commented about the entire family working in the same field.

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