Saturday, September 25

Parents’ Only Child Dies As Generator Crashes Into Building In Lagos

A mall’s generator which crashed into a building in Lagos, reportedly killed a two-year-old boy who is his parents’ only child.

Parents’ only child dies as generator crashes into building in Lagos lailasnews

Twitter user @temiokomi who shared the story, also disclosed the late boy’s parents were also injured as a result of the incident. The generator crash which killed the boy who is his parents’ only child, has been reported to the police.

Read the tweets below;

Man. My boy is in pain & needs some justice. Last night’s rains pulled down the heavy fence of a shopping complex & a pillar or so, crashed into his sister’s house & killed her two-year old. Who does he report to, Twitter? His heart is heavy & he wants justice. Damn.

Update: It wasn’t the rains. Apparently, the mall’s generators are by the fence & it was the large Mikano generator that broke the fence and fell into the apartment. Not an act of nature after all… That was what I gleaned from his initial call. I was a bit distressed as well. Apparently, the mall’s generators rest in the fence & it was the generator that broke the fence & fell into the apartment…

Just killed my morning. He’s already informed his lawyer & the police, but I have told him to just take it easy for now. The woman & her husbandwere both hurt as well & are in the hospital. Their only kid. Damn.

This is the generator that crushed the apartment. Apparently it’s a small/low income building their apartment was located in. Imagine this falling into the bedroom of the sleeping couple & their baby. Tragic.

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