Wednesday, January 19

Pendo Blast Noti Flow – “You Are as Fake as Your YouTube Views”

Bal gal Noti aka Noti Flow was yesterday accused of buying YouTube views for her music videos by the ghetto princess aka Pendo.

Pendo who is a renown singer exposed Noti Flow for buying views for her video She don’t know which has 325k views but according to Pendo all these views are fake.

This was revealed during the Nairobi Diaries reunion where Pendo refused to acknowledge t that Noti Flow’s song was doing better than her song Can’t get over me which has 69k views.

According to Pendo, she has proof that Noti flow has been purchasing her views and for this reason, she was not planning to bow down to bow down to a fake artiste who does not understand the importance of pushing music to public.

Anyway, when asked how she found about this Pendo says the man behind the views approached her revealing everything in text, leaving Noti Flow with no choice but to keep quiet as she has not responded to the allegations.

Noti Flow

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