Friday, June 25

Police Officer Arrives Accident Scene Only To Discover Victim Was His Mom

A police officer asked to help investigate a fatal hit-and-run accident discovered the victim was his mother. Rob Smythe was sent to examine a vehicle recovered after a collision in Manchester.

He was later told that the car had killed his mother, Susan, who suffered horrific injuries in the incident.

The collision was between a blue Volkswagen Golf and Susan, who was walking home from bingo, was in Stretford in the couth of the city on Sept 9.

Despite the best efforts of paramedics 59-year-old Mrs Smythe was pronounced dead at the scene.
A man was later arrested and charged in connection with the fatal crash.

Greater Manchester Police said they were aware of the tragic coincidence and were supporting Mr Smythe.

Paying tribute to her over the weekend, Susan’s family said: “Susan was born in Old Trafford and lived in the area her whole life surrounded by her brothers and sisters who she loved to see regularly.

“She worked part time with one of her sisters as a barmaid at the Trafford Social Club and liked to socialise locally with both her brothers and sisters, and also with her friends.

“She often visited Stretford Mall either to do her shopping or just to meet up with some of her many friends.

“Susan also loved going on foreign holidays either with family or friends, most recently having been to Spain and Turkey.

“She also enjoyed going to the bingo with her family where she would meet more of her friends.

” She was on her way home from playing bingo when she tragically died.

“We are absolutely devastated by her death and will miss her greatly.”


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