Thursday, December 9

Police Officer Dies After 2-Day Drinking Spree

A Kenyan police officer has died after a two day drinking spree in mysterious and controversial way.

Police in Malindi have launched investigations over the death of one of their oofficers who died under unclear circumstances after a drinking spree in the community.

According to one of the officers attached at Malindi police station, who sought anonymity, said the deceased who served in Lamu County passed on after drinking alcohol for 2 consecutive days.

Malindi OCPD Matwa Muchangi confirmed the incident saying he was shocked at how the officer managed to drink too much alcohol without eating any food.

He also noted the officer was on his way to Nairobi from Lamu but decided to make a stopover in Malindi. That was when he drunk excessively and was later found laying lifeless.

The OCPD further alleged the officer could have been depressed and stressed thus resorted to drinking alcohol as most people do to relieve depression. Muchangi said the body of the deceased had been transferred to Nairobi and would give more details concerning the incident later.

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