Saturday, June 19

Pregnant Nigerian Dancer, Korra Obidi Dances At The Club With Another Man

Daring Nigerian singer, dancer, and actress, Korra Obidi Dean hit the club with her bare baby bump.

She was spotted dancing with Michael Blackson, a Ghanaian-American actor and comedian.

Some fans accused her of cheating on her white husband, Dr Dean. She left her Oyinbo husband at home and stormed the club with another man.

See some reactions and watch the video after the cut…

Ikbillionzzz: “Do you really walk around and go to dance clubs like this with your stomach open? Wow….please don’t push this too far all in the name of being happy…. It good enough you went totally Unclad on the internet but please calm down….. Jesus!!!!!! I almost get a heart attack Watching you do all these thing while so heavy….. Do you even know you are pregnant?”

Lizzyfreshc: Oya the “why are u letting another man touch u like that” group of pple we are waiting for u��”

Abee2cute: “He good to marry oyibo sha��� if na Benin man from Edo state be your husband,by now your load don reach your papa house because of this harmless dance � ���� ��� enjoy dear�”

_ericdon: “Make sure this baby gets all these preg dance videos when he or she grows up. I like to know how he or she will feel.”

Iamimmaculate8: “I bet u ‘ll be cheating on your husband.”

Officialpeaceful_: “The secret in all this her dancing dancing with this big belle is that it’s gonna make her have less pain or probably no pain at all during labour/delivery. That’s Certain.”

Favour1418: “Take it easy dear, not everybody should torch your Bella for now, remember you are expecting a child”

Fionandai: “Am reading all these comments and am ��‍♀️��‍♀️��‍♀️ it’s her freaking body if she wants to go Unclad that’s her choice besides our fore fathers were walking butt Unclad! And on this Video she is dressed abi!”

Watch the controversial video

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