Sunday, September 26

Rapper G-Eazy Named as Suspect on NYPD Assault Report

Rapper G-Eazy named as suspect on NYPD assault report

Rapper G-Eazy has been named as a suspect in a New York Police Department report after his crew allegedly got violent with another group, with punches and bottles thrown.

In the report made available to TMZ, it was stated that the rapper is a suspect in the incident which occurred around 1 AM on Friday September 10, at the Boom Boom Room in the Standard Hotel.

G-Eazy’s crew got into an altercation with a few other guys, and one of them claimed a member of the rapper’s entourage hit him on the head with a glass bottle. The scuffle moved outside, where G-Eazy allegedly punched another man in the head.

While the guy who took the took a bottle to the head went to the hospital to get checked out, the guy G-Eazy allegedly punched refused treatment.

No arrest has been made yet but the police are investigating the incident.

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