Saturday, October 16

Sadlier Slams Irish Critics Of West Ham Defender Rice

Former Millwall and Republic of Ireland striker Richie Sadlier has slammed critics of West Ham defender Declan Rice.

Rice is considering switching allegiances to England after speaking with coach Gareth Southgate.

Speaking on the Second Captains Podcast, Sadlier said of Kilbane’s comments: “I think that’s b*****ks.

“Monumental b*****ks. You’d rather never qualify? I’m sure the point he’s making is, ‘I would like players fully committed to playing for Ireland and that should be the base level’.

“But allowing yourself a couple of weeks to think about it, to listen to all arguments, just maybe out of respect to hear Gareth Southgate, listen to your agent, listen to other family members, listen to whatever voices are in this conversation.

“Listen to them all, and at the end of it come (back and say), ‘You know what, I’m going to stick to the thing that I always thought was the case. Now I know. There’s no sense in my head that I have rushed this or panicked because I listened to everyone. I’ve seen the whole board and I know all my moves and in every scenario, this was the decision that made sense to me, so I’m going to make it. Give me the Irish jersey, call me up’.

“Are you saying we don’t want that outcome now because he had that little bit of space? Surely not.


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