Thursday, October 28

Samsung Privately Showcases A Smartphone With Rollable Screen

Samsung successfully launched the Galaxy Fold foldable phone and we are waiting for the Galaxy Fold 2. The Galaxy Fold 2 will launch with Snapdragon 855 SoC and a 10MP front camera. Even while we wait, Samsung has unveiled a new device that sports a rollable display.

Samsung unveiled the smartphone with the rollable screen at the CES in Las Vegas. There have been rumors that LG was working on a rollable smartphone, but we are yet to see it.

Now, Samsung’s is apparently almost ready. Sometime last year, Visionox unveiled a rollable AMOLED display and a foldable clamshell phone. This means that rollable smartphones may soon be the trending design.

Not many people had the chance to see Samsung’s actual phone. However, we know that its display was covered with plastic, the same material used for the original Galaxy Fold. Asides from that, there are not many details available.

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