Thursday, December 9

See Photos Of RMD New Dreadlocks

Well-known Nigerian actor Richard Mofe Damijo recently got members of the internet community to talk after he showed off a new look.

The popular screen god published a photo on which he rocked adult dreadlocks. Interestingly, the hair had a distinctive gray hue that blended into his beards, which were similar in color.

Sharing the photo RMD teasingly said: “Finally when the city gates opened the Nazarene came out smiling!”

It has been known over the years that the film star rocks a typical bald look with moderate beards. Although the look often changes, depending on the roles he takes on in film projects.

Perhaps the new look, inspired by dreadlocks, is an indication that RMD has spent his time in isolation preparing or working on a new film project.

Read what some of his colleagues and fans had to say about the new look below:

officialwaje: “It’s actually cool uncle Richard”

realomosexy: “Lol… it’s 2020 Nazarene we on 5g issues now”

lasisielenu: “Moses, tell Pharaoh to let my people go”

aa.presley: “Pops, you been inside an Ark?”

eneji__xx: “Lol they’ll just put you in special isolation centre”

iamdonaldeke: “We prefer the old version

What can you also say about his new look.

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