Tuesday, August 3

See The Original Photo Of The Controversial Viral Photoshop Photos Of Wizkid And Davido

Although the viral photoshop picture of Wizkid and Davido have generated a lot of controversy online most especially among Davido’s fans and Burna boy faithful however Davido took a major step today by gifting the young man who Photoshop the picture the sum of 1million naira.

As we speak the Nigerian social media platforms is agog as fans all over shower praises upon praises on Davido.

Yesterday David Adeleke popularly referred to as Davido uploaded a picture of himself and another Nigerian celebrity Wizkid tagging it “the two greatest of all time”

Although after the picture was uploaded by Davido a major controversy took place across Nigerian social media platforms as Burnaboy wrote something that sent the whole social media space on fire.

While a lot of people have thus argued for Davido saying that it was wrong for Burnaboy to utter such statennrt saying that Davido worked for his fame and his father money was not what helped him.

Others took side with Burnaboy saying that Burnaboy statement was misinterpreted and that it was just an Innocent statement not directed to Davido.

However one notable fact no one is talking about is this.who are the real people behind the Davido and Wizkid’s ?

Apparently the real owner of the edited pictures of Davido and Wizkid have come out to announce.

Obviously it was the edited picture from the real photograph taken by Lawyer Kunle also known as Cute Abiola the popular Nigerian online comedian. In a post he shared on his twitter handle he wrote

“The guy sweep our head comot ? This blessing really touch me too. I no go lie.GOD BLESS YOU OBO!!! @davido”

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