Monday, May 17

South Africans Slams Miss South Africa For Talking Pizza While The Country Mourn


The trolling of reigning Miss South Africa, Shudufhadzo Musida, is starting to get worrisome for many as it continuously happens. This time, what triggered the trolling was that she posted an “innocent” tweet about pizza, whilst the timeline is heartbroken over the passing of young Lufuno Mavhungu.

The timeline is filled with heartbreaking messages of condolences after the passing of the teenager. Mental health became the topic of focus and people either shared their stories of their own experiences or raised awareness about the illness.

As a person who pledged to focus on mental health when she wore the Miss SA crown, many looked towards Shudufhadzo Musida’s direction to say a few words about Lufuno. Instead, she posted about pizza and how good it tastes folded.

“I believe that a slice of pizza tastes nicer when you fold it,” she tweeted, and bullies came flocking in her comments section.

Taking to Instagram, Shudu broke her silence over the matter by talking about her own experiences with bullying.

“When I was between the ages of 11 and 12, I got beaten up so badly by a group of guys and girls, and I remember apologising so much. I remember the girls cheering on the guy that was kicking my ribs until I realised that it wouldn’t stop. So I didn’t bother crying because I knew it wouldn’t help,” she shared.

“My mom knew little about the bullying, but never knew how bad it was. I was in pain for about a week, but I couldn’t tell anyone. The Lufuno story is so triggering. All I can see is how she stood there and didn’t do anything because you get to that point.”

Social media trolls were furious after Miss SA posted about pizza instead of addressing or sharing her thoughts about the 15-year-olds tragic death. She said she posted a few words about her privately and not publicly, so in order to shut them down she had to post it publicly. “I posted the previous post privately earlier because I was emotional about Lufuno’s passing and someone told me to consider posting it publicly,” she said.

“What happened to Lufuno shows the impact of bullying on mental health. This incident highlights how important it is to combat bullying and take action.  Silence is complacency and we cannot be complacent when it comes to harm. My deepest condolences to Lufuno’s family,” she concluded.




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